Partner To Help Trafficking Survivors

Partner To Help Trafficking Survivors

Passion Led Us HerePersonally, understanding the role relationships and community play in healing, our founder established, DeeCilla Comfort Center.Through her testimony of overcoming the trials of abuse, she emphasizes the value of having the right connections along the healing journey. She believe... Read More

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Passion Led Us Here

Personally, understanding the role relationships and community play in healing, our founder established, DeeCilla Comfort Center.

Through her testimony of overcoming the trials of abuse, she emphasizes the value of having the right connections along the healing journey. She believed that God placed people in her life to show and remind her of who she was and how he saw her. These individuals demonstrated godly principles to help her also understand who God really was and what life would be like if she trusted and believed in him. Through these relationships, she learned the true meaning of Hope, Faith, Love, Trust, Courage, Joy, Hospitality, Reconciliation, and Peace.

Using her journey as a passion for helping others, she was led by God to establish DeeCilla Comfort Center. This organization is committed to helping young people ages 18-28 begin their healing journey from the trials, trauma, and struggles of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking.

Just as our founder learned, at the most critical period in her life, she desires to share with others…Hope is not lost, and you do not have to become what happened to you.

We need your help to change lives in our community.

You can help us become bridge builders in the community to connect those in need with the resources that will forever change their lives.

The Big Launch

New Website Sponsorship $2100 - Yearly Website management and hosting. As a sponsor, we will advertise your business, as a recognized sponsor and community, on the website for the duration of your sponsorship. 

Community Outreach 

Establishing a facility is a parallel goal of becoming active participants and advocates in our community. 

DeeCilla Comfort Center emphasizes the value in educating the community in fun but engaging events and taking a stand to combat these issues, especially with our youth.  The organization aims to take a stand to fight for the future of today's young adults.

To facilitate change, DeeCilla Comfort Center plans to focus on events that demonstrate the importance of relationships. Events are organized in collaboration with area agencies across the Phoenix area. While educating the local community, the organization works to combine the missions of multiple agencies, bridging new resources to the local area to further impact the community.

ALARMING FACTS1 in 3 teens on the street will be lured into trafficking within 48 hours of leaving home. 1 in 4 homeless young adults has experienced sex trafficking.

The future of DeeCilla Comfort Center

DeeCilla Comfort Center will provide tools to give residents a fresh start at life, with a new vision and outlook for their future. Their goal is to assist young adults in need of a new beginning by restoring hope for the future. They strive to be a bridge builder within the community for those in need of healing from their past in order to prosper in their future.

The forthcoming transitional home, in Goodyear, AZ, will provide housing and programs to help young adults lead a full life with new healthy relationships. Each cohort will enter for an eighteen-month program, divided into three phases.

Each phase focuses on a different element of their healing and recovery, to include mentoring, counseling, case management, physical health, and wellness, as well as personal and professional development.

It is their goal that everyone who enters the facility will never again feel alone, hungry, or unsheltered. Residents will feel a sense of being at home where there are love and compassion. With their initial encounter,  those who were hurting will feel certain that their life will be changed forever and they will not leave the way they came.

FACTS VS FICTION - Help spread the truth

Myth: Human trafficking victims are only foreign-born individuals and those who are poor.
Fact: Human trafficking victims can be any age, race, gender, or nationality. They may come from any socioeconomic group

Myth: Human trafficking does not occur in the United States. It only happens in other countries.
Fact: Human trafficking exists in every country, including the United States. It exists nationwide—in cities, suburbs, and rural towns—and possibly in your own community.

A Message from our founder

My name is Shawanda  R. Randolph. I am the founder of DeeCeilla Comfort Center.  The DeeCilla Comfort Center is a faith-based non-profit organization that provides services and temporary residential housing for women who have experienced sexual assault, domestic violence, and human trafficking. Our goal is to create a safe place that feels like home to each woman who enters our center and provide them with an opportunity to have a fresh start.

At the Mike and Sylvia House of Hope, women between the ages of 18-28 years of age, will enter into our recovery and personal development programs specifically designed to address issues of trauma and crisis while fostering each’s woman’s independence and helping them reclaim their lives one day at a time.

 During the next few months, we will be hosting awareness events within the community that will allow us to interact with the public and advocate for those that need our help. We are an organization that believes in the importance of community and the impact we can make in the world when we work together.
I want to take the first step to connect with you and invite you to become a community partner or sponsor. Our first priority is bridging communities to impact the community, by standing together as a united front to help those in need. We are confident that together we can make a difference.
We want to welcome any persons or organizations who desire to work for hand and hand with DeeCellia Comfort Center during our events or within the center.

I am very excited about the upcoming outreach events and the impact we can make in the lives of survivors and within the community.

I look forward to connecting with you and would like to thank you in advance for your support and generosity.
Please contact me at (623-440-6963) or if you have any questions.

Shawanda R. Randolph
Founder, DeeCilla Comfort Center

Posted By Shawanda Randolph

March 12, 2019

DeeCilla Center is in the best city where organizations have a passion to partner together to create the greatest impact.

During today’s Goodyear Faith and Community Roundtable, the team from Adelante Health Center (Goodyear, AZ) decided to graciously partner with us by hosting our Women’s Health Event scheduled for 18 May 2018.

Adelante Health Center is located at 13471 W. Cornerstone Blvd., Goodyear, AZ 85395

They have an amazing new facility (and staff). The environment and the smiles your receive will start you on your way to feeling better from the moment you walk in the doors.

We are happy and excited to be working with Adelante Health Center.

#Communitypartnerships #Goodyear #beingthechange

Posted By Shawanda Randolph

March 05, 2019


16 March, Western Metropolitan A.M.E Zion Women's Conference

 The organization will have the opportunity to spread awareness to women belonging to a faith organization. Helping to understand how to identify signs of sexual and domestic violence and human trafficking and how to support survivors.

1 April, Arizona State University (ASU)  National Leadership Alliance Student Association (NLASA), Impact Expo. This event will further education students on the importance of nonprofit organizations to better understand the critical role they play in our communities and state. 

20 April. City of Goodyear Hops and Hops family event. The organization was invited to participate in this event and spread awareness. This is a family-friendly and fun event, therefore the organization will incorporate a hands-on activity for participants (youth).

As the first facility to open will be the "House of Hope" the organization's tabling will consist of activities and materials for youth to build their "house of hope."  Age appropriate material will be provided for young adults and parents, guardians, or caregivers.

We are in need of supplies for this event, with the main supply (houses to construct) will be purchased through Oriental Trading Company. The organization is requesting support from the community for monetary and in-kind donations for this event.

18 May. National Women's Health Week Event. Collaborating with Go with the Flow as well as New Life Center.

DeeCilla Comfort Center wants to focus on reaching young adults, in the Goodyear community, and teaching steps they can take for better health. The planned event would not focus solely on the physical health of the young woman, but various aspects that affect their overall health, to include healthy relationships. 

The objective is to provide tools to encourage self-pride and love, which has an impact on their perspective of healthy relationships, ultimately becoming a tool to fight against future issues of domestic violence.

Focus areas: 
Physical Health – Go With The Flow (Healthy Menstruation)

Relationships – TBD, Relationships, and Safety

Domestic Violence Awareness - New life Center (emergency shelter for domestic violence)

What: Packing party and donation drive for New Life Center coupled with presentations and activities by organizations.

- Go with the Flow is known for their “packing parties.” Organizations sponsor the packing parties to assist Go with the Flow spread awareness on Menstrual Health. Promoting healthy ideals toward menstrual health for women. Furthermore, they strive to provide resources for places such as schools and shelters where these resources are seriously lacking. The packing party, for this event, would be a tool to educate young women, while also encouraging them to support the local Domestic Violence Shelter. The parties are educational, interactive, and fun.

- TBD. Focuses on healthy teen dating while spreading awareness to prevent violence in dating/relationships. While they focus on teens overall, the request for this event will be to focus on the young women.

- New Life Center. Emergency Domestic Violence Shelter, located in SW Valley. Bringing awareness about their facility and their residents will highlight the challenges faces the community and further alert participants to potential threats and outcomes of domestic violence. Additional donations for items will go to the center based on their “needs” list.

Partner To Help Trafficking Survivors

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Partner To Help Trafficking Survivors

Shawanda Randolph, on behalf of

DeeCilla Comfort Center

Partner with us to spread awareness and bring prevention programs to Goodyear, AZ to combat sexual assault, domestic violence, and human trafficking and restore HOPE to survivors. Help build a transitional home, for survivors, designed with programs to help them lead healthy and independent lives.

Shawanda Randolph

Personally understanding the needs and trials of victims and survivors, Shawanda established DeeCilla Comfort Center to help bring Hope to those hurt by sexual assault, domestic violence, and human trafficking. A Veteran and Fuller Theological Seminary graduate, she is also an author and speaker.

Avondale-Goodyear, Arizona

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  • $50.00

    Deandrea Myrick

    March 29,2019

    I believe the DeeCilla Comfort Center is going to be a blessing in the community.

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    Delaine Laney

    March 13,2019

    Walk of Faith AZ supports this cause and is happy to serve.

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    Latifah Randolph

    February 22,2019

    I am in full support of this organization. There is such a need for this program for many women looking for a place of resource where they can feel safe and comfortable in their search. Not feel like a statistic.