Our Rules

What kinds of crowdfunding projects/campaigns will Uhelpfund support? 

The two types of crowdfunding campaign models we support are: donation and reward-based.

  • Donation-based campaigns are crowdfunding campaigns to support nonprofits such as charities, schools, sports teams or business or individual personal causes.
  • Reward-based campaigns are usually crowdfunding campaigns that offer non-monetary rewards (perks) related to their product or service.


 What crowdfunding campaigns does Uhelpfund NOT support? 

Lending- and equity-based campaign models are currently not supported.

  • Lending-based campaigns involve individuals contributing to a loan package where the campaign owner borrows from the package promising to pay back investors, usually with interest.
  • Equity-based campaigns involve individuals receiving some sort of equity or security in the company for their contribution.

Once you have provided information regarding your campaign and are approved, we welcome you to raise money for:

  1. New product development like video games, movies, or new gadgets.
  2. Projects supporting a charity or other groups through:
    1. Monetary donations where all the money goes to the charity or group.
    2. Merchandise sales where a portion of the proceeds is given to the charity or group
    3. Donations where all or a portion of the profits from merchandise sales goes towards a charity.
  3. Personal causes like raising money for medical bills, funeral expenses, education, or vet bills.

Uhelpfund does not support campaigns that would violate our Acceptable Use Policy or activities that violate any law, statute, ordinance, or regulations such as:

  • Currency exchange
  • Refinancing debts
  • Lotteries and gambling
  • Get rich quick schemes


 Is it ok to offer rewards to campaign donors?

Yes, you can give rewards to donors. Rewards should be related to your campaign or can be promotional items such as mugs, t-shirts, or calendars. Clearly defining your campaign, adding disclaimers to your website and marketing material will help you to launch a successful campaign.

When offering rewards you must:

  • List the type of rewards you’re offering in exchange for each donation amount.
  • Include a disclaimer on your campaign site and marketing material that you will make a best effort to provide the reward but delivery is not guaranteed.

Rewards that are not allowed include:

  • Cash
  • Gold or silver coins or bullion
  • Raffles
  • Gift cards
  • Sweepstakes

Reward-based campaigns without a delivery disclaimer or with concurrent advance product sales will be considered Preselling and may be subject to payment holds.


Will money received during my campaign be reported to the IRS?

Wepay is required by the IRS report the sales of goods and services for customers who, in a single year receive:

  • More than $20,000, AND
  • 200 or more payments

You are independently responsible for complying with all applicable laws in all of your actions related to your use of Uhelpfund's services, regardless of the purpose of the use. In addition, you must adhere to the terms of this Acceptable Use Policy.

Prohibited Activities

You may not use the Uhelpfund service for activities that:

  1. Violate any law, statute, ordinance or regulation.
  2. Relate to transactions involving (a) narcotics, steroids, certain controlled substances or other products that present a risk to consumer safety, (b) drug paraphernalia, (c) items that encourage, promote, facilitate or instruct others to engage in illegal activity, (d) stolen goods including digital and virtual goods (e) items that promote hate, violence, racial intolerance, or the financial exploitation of a crime, (f) items that are considered obscene, (g) items that infringe or violate any copyright, trademark, right of publicity or privacy or any other proprietary right under the laws of any jurisdiction, (h) certain sexually oriented materials or services, (i) ammunition, firearms, or certain firearm parts or accessories, or (j) ,certain weapons or knives regulated under applicable law.
  3. Relate to transactions that (a) show the personal information of third parties in violation of applicable law, (b) support pyramid or Ponzi schemes, matrix programs, other "get rich quick" schemes or certain multi-level marketing programs, (c) are associated with purchases of annuities or lottery contracts, lay-away systems, off-shore banking or transactions to finance or refinance debts funded by a credit card, (d) are for the sale of certain items before the seller has control or possession of the item, (e) are by payment processors to collect payments on behalf of merchants, (f), are associated with the sale of traveler's checks or money orders, (h) involve currency exchanges or check cashing businesses, or (i) involve certain credit repair, debt settlement services, credit transactions or insurance activities.
  4. Involve the sales of products or services identified by government agencies to have a high likelihood of being fraudulent.
  5. Violate applicable laws or industry regulations regarding the sale of (a) tobacco products, or (b) prescription drugs and devices.
  6. Involve gambling, gaming and/or any other activity with an entry fee and a prize, including, but not limited to casino games, sports betting, horse or greyhound racing, lottery tickets, other ventures that facilitate gambling, games of skill (whether or not it is legally defined as a lottery) and sweepstakes unless the operator has obtained prior approval from Wepay and Uhelpfund and customers are located exclusively in jurisdictions where such activities are permitted by law.

Our Rules

We encourage you to report violations of Our Rules to Uhelpfund immediately. If you have a question about whether a type of transaction may violate Our Rules, you can email Support@Uhelpfund.com.