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Organised Traditional Medicine Clinic

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Organised Traditional Medicine Clinic

Elena Velikoivan, on behalf of

People Of Wichita (Kansas)

I need funds to organize the clinic, where everybody can come and be educated and helped with traditional methods like visceral therapy, Homeopathy, essential oils, cupping, herb rubs, Pilates, counseling(mental and physical), spiritual. I even want to organize Bible courses. Complete healing.

Elena Velikoivan

People in Wichita Kansas overworked stressed a lot of unemployment and drug and opioid addiction. I live here and see how my dear people need help from people all over the world. I bring experience from generations of my ancestors. I learned to cup certified, Counseling Masters from GCU, Homeopathy certified, healthy foods, Pilates, and essential oils knowledge. I feel a great desire to give back to my dear people of Wichita. I will invite Dr. Al. Ogulov to teach us visceral therapy. I need funds, please h

Wichita, Kansas

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    Oksana M

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    We believe in you! O&A

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    Taysa Cueva

    11 days ago

    I love you mom!

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    Veronica Cueva

    12 days ago

    Because I believe in you. Love you mom

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    Elena Velikoivan

    14 days ago

    Jehovah God Son Jesus And The Spirit Wish You Well