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One Donation Saves COUNTLESS Lives

Stephen Smith Stephen Smith, on behalf of

Solid K9 Leadership LLC

I've spent the last 4 years of my life rescuing dogs that were about to be euthanized, training them into service dogs and giving them to veterans. This is a work I have a great passion for because I have seen first hand how my line of work has saved countless lives, most of all my own. Thank you

Stephen Smith Stephen Smith

Most people who known Stephens life story, know that it is full of upset and downs, which Can make it easy to just brush him off as another statistic. During Stephens last incarceration his life changed because he learned how to live for something other than himself. Since his released hebhas worked with countless veterans trained hundreds of dogs. Earlier this year Stephen took the chance of a lifetime invested everything he had to move across country by himself with his dog. Against all odds, he i

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Portland, Oregon

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