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Nourishing Souls

michelle Grimes-Harding , President and Chief Executive Officer on behalf of

4 Years and A Day Foundation

Can you guarantee that no one you love will have Breast Cancer? NO. But you CAN be a lifeline of hope, assuring that there are services to sustain their needs. DONATE. Every dollar helps!

michelle Grimes-Harding

As President of 4 Years and A Day Foundation, Michelle Grimes-Harding aims to help scores of women and families that need support while suffering from cancer. The core of her passion has always been about helping those in need and from all walks of life.

4 Years and A Day is a Foundation that focuses on Breast Cancer Awareness and the support of its victims. Our organization is based on the belief that through education and providing options for health and total healing; individuals will empower their minds, bodies and spirits. We are committed to meeting those needs.

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  • $35.00

    Gertrude Allen

    8 months ago

    This level of support is very much needed in the area. Thank you for responding to the call!

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    Antonio Harding

    9 months ago