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Testimonials From Nonprofits

I had the most wonderful and helpful experience in arranging a youhelp fundraiser page. Coach Yitz was the most valuable person to work with. He was available at any time to assist with many questions and concerns I had. He was also genuinely supportive in the fundraiser and the well-being of those affected. Thank you Youhelp! Ellen Ferdman Toronto

Ellen Ferdman

Private campaign, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

About the YouHelp Crowdfunding Coaching Program I am learning a lot about fundraising, everything is making a lot of sense.

Tomeka Walker

Khairi and Little Angels Memorial, Birmingham, Alabama, USA

My name is Samuel Cabassa, and I wish to share my wonderful experience with Yitz, YouHelp Crowdfunding Coach. He is absolutely amazing, inspiring, caring, kind, supportive, and a great coach. Yitz is the real deal and super dedicated as a Coach. I learn new stuff about crowdfunding, about business, and about myself with each session. No matter the level of crowdfunding success I achieve, i don’t ever plan to end my contract with Youhelp because Yitz is priceless.

Samuel Cabassa

Mobile Community Shower & Wellness Services, Inc. NY, NY, USA

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