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Need New Home Due To Black Mold  ASAP

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Need New Home Due To Black Mold ASAP

sue drinsinger, on behalf of

Sue Drinsinger

This 6,000 undertaking I am doing for the first time cause this has to due to our health from the black mold. my service animal is important. and no she not available. she has been my service animal since 2006. I am putting all my trust in God and his guidance. I am only on disability.

sue drinsinger

I am trying to raise money to find another RV and move back home, due to health issues from Black Mold in my present RV. My Service Dog has been affected by the Black Mold. Her Health has gone to the point of critical. The vets bills alone are off the chart. My health has also been going downhill and I am already on social security disability. I know I will be blessed in this undertaking


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    Jessie Gates

    April 24,2019

    From Shirley. Praying for yall!