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Need Help To Dry Land friend started a gofundme to help us with our monthly living expenses and the growing medical expenses associated with my accident on April 25. I have not been ... Read More

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Campaign URL: friend started a gofundme to help us with our monthly living expenses and the growing medical expenses associated with my accident on April 25. I have not been able to work since the day of the accident and won't be able to return until October 11 if no complications occurred. The accident left me without transportation to go to and from doctor appointments when my husband cannot take me or to and from work when I get released from the doctor. I am not able to get a vehicle because although our insurance paid the value and gap insurance covered what was contracted for we are left with over a $5000 balance. Gap would not cover those notes that were extended from when I was hospitalized in 2016.

I hospitalized from August 3 to August 31 of 2016 for what started as a twisted large colon diagnosis. The admitting diagnosis changed on the 16th when the surgeon went in to remove the twist part of my colon and discovered my right fallopian tube and ovary attached to the cecum before move under my ribs. The surgeon examines the tube and because of his findings, he closes the incision until the pathology report returns. The pathology report came back on August 21, 2016, reporting there was no metastasis of the carcinoma outside the Fallopian tube, suggesting it as carcinoma in situ. August 22nd the surgeon was able to remove the twisted colon, but I developed some complications after the surgery and had to receive IV nutrients. I was able to be discharged on August 31, in spite of the continued complications and abdominal pain. They continued to run more diagnostic tests, Xrays, CT's, MRI, and other imaging tests, I even had to have another colonoscopy. All the tests showed there was a significant bend in what large colon I had left and I had also developed a large amount of scare tissue. In December I had my 3rd surgery abdominal surgery to remove the scare tissue. The doctors and I were hopeful that removing the scare tissue would resolve the bend in my large colon. It did not, but because I had run out of FMLA time I returned to work in January 2017. I continued to have pain that often left was so debilitating that I would call in and other times I called in because of other complications that I had. After dealing with the pain and other complications my GI doctor told my GI surgeon that he felt the only recourse I had was to have surgery to remove the bend and correct the other issues that were creating the complications. This conversation occurred in November 2017 when they both happened to be on the hospital floor I work and could see how much pain I was in. My GI surgeon put the orders in for me to be direct admit at the end of my shift. One of my co-workers got my IV started before we started our nursing rounds and Xray showed up to take pictures and in the middle of nursing rounds, the lab came to draw blood. I was scheduled for my 4th abdominal surgery the following morning, that surgery I was left with about 6 inches of the large colon. I spent 5 days in the hospital and was off work for 3 months. That 4th surgery resolved the pain and other complications but a whole new set of issues were created along with ed more medical problems that had me calling into work, not as much as before the surgery but more than I normally would. In June 2018 I had a 5th abdominal surgery adding to our growing medical expenses and difficulty in meeting our other financial obligations and a continuous drop in our credit score. In between my surgeries was admitted for reoccurring GI bleeds that the doctors have not been able to locate the source of the bleeds the always seem to resolve themselves as mysteriously as they start.

In January of this year, I was admitted for another GI bleed that again doctors were not able to determine the source of through diagnostic tests or exploratory procedures. They did, however, identify a lytic lesion to my T12 vertebrae that were not present on a CT 4 months prior. The attending hospitalist ordered an MRI of my spine that confirm the CT findings. Because of my recent medical history, the hospitalist requested a consultation with my hematologist/oncologist. I was seen by my doctor's partner who suggested a biopsy or PET scan. Because I am a nurse and because I have a phobia of having a needle stuck in my spine, but more because I am a nurse I, of course, said no to the biopsy and yes to the PET scan. The scan was set up to be done as an out patient the day before my regularly scheduled appointment with my Hemoc doctor, but the test was not done because my insurance would not approve the procedure. At my appointment with my Hemoc doctor, we discussed a different plan of care for this new medical issue to have a repeat MRI in 3 months.

In April a few days after my accident a repeat MRI was done for the "hemangioma" doctor said that there had been no significant change however he wanted to watch it closely so I would see him in 3 months. In June I was sent to the ER by my Physical Therapist because the headache I was having since the day of my accident, the pain from my neck down my right arm and the mid-low back pain that was effecting my right leg was unbearable to the point I was not able to do my exercises during my therapy session. While in the ER a CT was ordered of both my head and my mid-low back and right hip to rule out any new developments from my accident. There was nothing new observed related to the accident however there was a significant change of the lesion to my T12 vertebrae. The new radiology report no longer is reporting the lesion as a hemangioma but a lytic lesion that is now extending into the left pedicle. "The differential includes a stage I and a cell tumor with or without aneurysmal bone cyst component, osteoblastoma, or other lytic lesions".

With the new findings of the June CT and my extensive recent past medical history, my spinal surgeon required me to obtain medical clearance from my primary and Hemoc doctors. Clearance was obtained from my primary but before I could get an appointment with my Hemoc doctor he wanted to talk with my surgeon. I was cleared by my Hemoc doctor when he spoke to the surgeon who now wanted a complete cardiac work-up. All these tests, procedures, doctor visits, hospital ER visits are creating more and more financial costs and causing the financial burden.
When I met with the surgeon the week prior to my surgery to have C3 to C7 fused he informed me that my Hemoc doctor would discuss a plan of care to address the lesion to my T12 vertebra at my next scheduled appointment.

I had my surgery to fuse my vertebrae on July 9 and spent one night in the hospital. The surgery was expected to last about 2 hours but lasted a little over 5 hours. There was a lot more to clean up then was the images showed. I will continue to be out until October. That will be 6 months without income, this is creating a financial hardship in meeting my regular living expenses much less the medical expenses for the doctor visits, post-surgery diagnostic tests, and imaging, routine daily medications and medications ordered for post-surgical care.

Below is the link for the fundraiser. Any help will greatly be appreciated.

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Sharon Cain, on behalf of

Sharon Cain

Sharon was involved in an automobile accident on her way to work that will have her off work for 6 months or longer. Her husband is unable to work because of his disability.

Sharon Cain

Sharon is a nurse for a local hospital and although a pediatric nurse who for the last 5 years has been providing care for adult GI and cardiac MedSurg patients. Sharon always finds the positive side of whatever comes up against her and uses those life challenges to be a better nurse and the good of others.