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Music & Art For Teens In Rehab - JMDMF

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Music & Art For Teens In Rehab - JMDMF

Cheryl Dehlin, on behalf of

Jeffrey Michael Dehlin Memorial Foundation

JMDMF is a 501c3 Charity with a small budget that donates musical instruments and art supplies to teen/young adult inpatient rehab facilities for use during the clients' free time to decrease their anxiety & channel feelings into positive, more creative outlets. We rely on fundraisers and donations.

Cheryl Dehlin

Cheryl Dehlin lost her son, Jeff, to an overdose at 22, after 4 years of sobriety once he had spent 104 days at Rosecrance in Rockford. Jeffs only difficulty during rehab was his few minutes of free time, until he picked up a friends guitar and began to teach himself to play. Music saved him.

Chicago, Illinois

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    I believe in your foundation's mission.