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More Motorhomes For More Fire Victims

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More Motorhomes For More Fire Victims

Rich Kinney, on behalf of

Apostle City Ministries, Inc.

You can help homeless Paradise Camp Fire Victims get into their own private dwelling by making a substantial donation to allow us to purchase motorhomes for them, or by donating your motorhome today. We have assisted several families already but the need is still staggering. We need your help today!

Rich Kinney

Mayor Rich Kinney has served his community since January 1999 as Pastor of an innercity Church, Police Chaplain, High School and College Assistant Basketball Coach, City Council Member since 2012 and now as a 2nd term Mayor. Mayor Kinney is also a Substitute Teacher and Founder, President and General Manager of a new faith-based Community Development nonprofit, Apostle City Ministries, Inc.

Paradise, California

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  • $5.00

    Rich Kinney

    January 28,2019

    Thank you for helping fire victims get into their own living situation.