Military History Preservation Project

Military History Preservation Project

SNO-ISLE MILITARY HISTORY PRESERVATION PROJECT“…death is not an adventure for those who stand face to face with it.” All Quiet On The Western Front Erich Maria Remarque The Sno-Isle Military History Preservation Project, spearheaded by American Veterans – AMVETS Post 2018 and utilizin... Read More

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“…death is not an adventure for those who stand face to face with it.”

 All Quiet On The Western Front

 Erich Maria Remarque


The Sno-Isle Military History Preservation Project, spearheaded by American Veterans – AMVETS Post 2018 and utilizing state-of-the-art video-oral history recording technology developed by Emberall, LLC, is designed to collect, preserve, and make accessible the personal accounts of military veterans resident in Snohomish County and Island County, Washington so that contemporary and future generations may hear directly from veterans and better understand the realities of military service.

American Veterans – AMVETS Post 2018, Mill Creek, Washington will be the lead 501(c)(19) organization sponsoring the Sno-Isle Military History Preservation Project (Project). AMVETS -– a national Veterans Services Organization charted by Congress – has been serving veterans since 1944. AMVETS’ purpose is to enhance the quality of life for all veterans and their families. AMVETS Posts in Washington have been serving veterans and their families in the state for over 60 years. AMVETS Post 2018 is the only AMVETS Post in Snohomish and Island counties. There are approximately 65,000 veterans living in Snohomish County and approximately 12,000 veterans living in Island County.

Emberall, LLC developed and will provide the streamlined video-oral history recording technology for capturing each participating veteran’s story. Experienced Emberall personnel will organize and supervise the conduct of each military veteran interview. Each video-oral history will be seamlessly recorded, digitally preserved and given to the veteran. A recording of each interview will be archived in the U.S. Library of Congress Veterans History Project.

The United States Congress created the Veterans History Project in 2000. The purpose of this federal program is to preserve firsthand accounts of veterans to ensure that future generations will be able to understand the sacrifices of military service and, in particular, the realities of war directly from those who served. Our Project will focus on the contributions made by military personnel from northwestern Washington.

Sno-Isle Libraries, serving more than 750,000 residents of Snohomish and Island counties with 23 community libraries, has agreed to actively participate in the Project. Sno-Isle Libraries will provide the physical facilities in which the Project will conduct the one-on-one interviews with military veterans. Sno-Isle Libraries will provide the library linkage between our Project and the U.S. Library of Congress. The interview recordings of local military veterans will be archived within the Veterans History Project at the Library of Congress’ American Folklore Center. Sno-Isle Libraries will provide access to the Veterans History Project online database through the Sno-Isle Libraries’ history resources page for veterans, families, friends, military historians, researchers and educators who wish to review the military histories of northwestern Washington military veterans and veterans throughout the country.

Supporting the Project, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Everett [WA] Vet Center and the Snohomish County Department of Human Services Veterans Services team have agreed to help recruit veterans wishing to record their military experiences.

The Emberall video-oral history technology is readily adaptable to any smart phone or tablet device. No additional hardware is required. No training is required for the interviewee, though the interviewer may initiate the interview with a brief introduction of how the interview will be conducted and an overview of the questions that may be addressed. It will be up to the interviewee and the interviewer to determine the pace and content of the interview.

AMVETS Post 2018 proposes to initiate the Project with a modest trial program limited to ten (10) military veteran interviews. This trial program is to be conducted over a period of approximately 6 months. The total cost of the trial program is estimated to be $5,500.00. While this initial phase of the Project will be limited to ten participants we will be carefully monitoring the conduct of the Project in order to offer Project participation to a greater number of military veterans in western Washington in the future.

“What did you do in the Army, mommy?” Preserving the memories of military service for the veteran, for the veteran’s family and friends, and for historical record is the Project’s primary goal. Beyond the value of preserving the memories of the veteran, clinical trials conducted by such prestigious institutions as the Military Health System, the Department of Defense’s Defense Health Agency, the University of Texas and Emory University have demonstrated that recording their military service experiences promotes the veteran’s physical and psychological well-being. 

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Military History Preservation Project

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The Sno-Isle Military History Preservation Project pilot program is seeking $5,500. Utilizing the latest audio-visual recording technology the Project is designed to collect, preserve, and make accessible the personal military experiences of northwestern Washington veterans.


Vance Titus is a charter member of and the Grant Writer for American Veterans - AMVETS Post 2018 Mill Creek Washington Vance is a combat decorated Vietnam Veteran

Bothell, Washington

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