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Mental Health Resource App!

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Mental Health Resource App!

Ilia Fernandez, on behalf of

Mental Health Society of Greater Victoria

Hi! Our city (Victoria, B.C.) is undergoing a major crisis of people with mental health issues without support. We want to create an app that will bring to light underused resources for those in need. We need financial support to fund this project!

Ilia Fernandez

Ilia Fernandez is the founder and co-president of the Mental Health Society of Greater Victoria. Ilia prefers to go by the pronoun they, but is okay being referred to in any way that is kind. They are a graduate of the University of Victoria, with a bachelors degree in Biological Psychology. While attending UVic, Ilia ran a student society for mental health awareness and did public speaking for various student groups and community members. They believe that awareness has increased tremendously, but that unf

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