Marketing Plan & Consultation

Day #1: Invite to Campaign Team and Email Marketing

Invite close family members, friends and coworkers who are supportive of your cause to join your campaign team. We recommend adding three members to help divide the work for your 30 days of marketing support. Ask them to make a small $5 or $10 contribution to help kick off your campaign.

Sign up for a FREE email marketing account (Examples include MailChimp, iContact and SendInBlue). Paste the link to your email marketing account here.

The difference between success and failure is a great team.

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Friends and Family Week:

Reach out to your inner circle of family, friends and coworkers for support. Build your email list. Ask friends and family for small donations and to share your campaign with their inner circle of family, friends and coworkers.


Only campaigns with a contribution make it to our homepage. Positioning for your campaign on the homepage and other pages is dynamic according to the amount of income raised - so be competitive!!!

First steps for new campaign team members: Provide your member profile info to the campaign organizer (photo is optional, but recommended); Contribute $5 or more with a photo and supportive comment; Click the buttons next to your contribution and share it through all your own social media channels.

Campaign owners may invite additional people to join their team at any time by returning to this page.

Import all your contacts from all sources to your FREE email marketing account - from your phone, email account, work colleagues, etc. FREE email marketing accounts take a few days for approval.


Option One: Free Trial of iContact Email Marketing

Option Two: SendInBlue Email Marketing

Option Three: Free Trial of MailChimp Email Marketing

How to Build Your YouHelp Campaign Team