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Love From Luke Needs Your Support

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Love From Luke Needs Your Support

Melissa Sweeney, on behalf of

Love from Luke

What We Do: Love from Luke cares for those considered unadoptable. We currently are working with crippled dogs for them to become therapy dogs to visit hospital and anywhere else there is a need. Our Future and Goals Mission: To become the voice for the voiceless & forgotten, both human & animal.

Melissa Sweeney

Love from Luke was established in 2017 by Melissa Anne Sweeney Lissa . She has 25 years experience working with rescued animals. Her mission to have the rescued dogs help to emotionally heal as many people as possible. There is an special comfort animals can offer us and the is why they are blessing. Melissa is the author of the Love from Luke book series. In her spare time, which is very little, she continues to write about the dogs she has worked and the lessons they have taught her. She is originall

Tampa, Florida

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    I love Logan!