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Terms and Conditions


When you become a YouHelp Crowdfunding Coach you will expand your network of clients and build your marketing business/agency.

In exchange for completing the required 10 pro bono hours, each week, you will be listed on our work-for-hire page, with your price list for crowdfunding components. It is our hope that you will attain new clients from fundraisers who prefer to have certain activities done by a professional, for their campaign.

After creating your profile, please place your available times on our Coaching Calendar. We will ask our clients for a review, which will appear with your name.

Coaching Tasks:

  • Write summary notes for each coaching session
  • Review of campaign for completion and images
  • Create a roadmap for the campaign
  • Define the short- and long-term goals
  • Create compelling backstory with the client
  • Define the campaign target audience
  • Define how to increase the target audience
  • Define the campaign message for all outreach
  • Demonstrate how to use social media marketing to raise funds
  • Demonstrate how to use YouTube to raise funds
  • Demonstrate how to use video on WhatsApp and text to raise funds
  • Demonstrate how to return to donors to raise more funds
  • Monitor the results of the above activities and startegize