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Let's Make Healthy Our New Happy

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Let's Make Healthy Our New Happy

Afi Okon, on behalf of

American Obesity Foundation

American Obesity Foundation is requesting $5,000. The goal is to provide low income kids and families with maximum nutritionally dense resources, awareness and COVID-19 supports that will ensure they stay healthy and strong, even in the face of the greatest economic upheaval. Target is South Jamaica

Afi Okon

American Obesity Foundation was founded by Afi Okon as a grassroots community nonprofit, with a vision to provide Americas most vulnerable communities, on-time dense nutritional resources, information, awareness education for healthier living to reduce obesity and obesity-related sufferings.

Jamaica, New York

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  • $5.00


    7 months ago

    Healthy Nutrition is important

  • $10.00


    November 08,2020

  • $150.00

    November 02,2020

    This is great work.

  • $100.00


    November 01,2020

    I am glad to support this very timely and relevant cause. Health is wealth!