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Let's Give A Helping Hand To The Kids

Dwane Bunbury, on behalf of


By donating to Bunbury’s Kids Learning Center, you are investing in our future. We invite you to partner with us by investing in the communities and students who will lead our future

Dwane Bunbury

Mr. Dwane Bunbury is a retired Army, Staff Sergeant, with a passion to serve others. He was born in Guyana and raised in Orlando, Florida. He is a loving father of four awesome children. He enlisted into the military after high school, where he received a Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospitality Management.During his twenty years of active duty, Mr. Bunbury served in the most elite unit in the military, starting with the 82nd Airborne Division Artillery where he earned his United States Army Parac

Edgewood, Florida

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    For the kids!

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    What a wonderful cause