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Legacy Empowerment: Happy & Healthy

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Legacy Empowerment: Happy & Healthy

Keeyahm Ahmutah, on behalf of

Keeyahm Nonprofit

Our target goal is $15,000. The funds will be used to make much-needed repairs to the facility our children are currently using and to provide a range of programs for children and adults during the year 2020.

Keeyahm Ahmutah

Established in January 2018, our goal, is to uplift, strengthen and empower individuals, families and ultimately the community through both educational and practical means, while accessing necessary resources for healing and rehabilitation for those in need.


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    Suriellah Young

    5 months ago

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    Vernia Chism

    5 months ago

    Because it’s needed

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    Yvonne Jones

    9 months ago

    This project is in desperate need of funding. More than happy to donate to help make a difference!