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- Leave No Victim Behind -

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- Leave No Victim Behind -

David Walton, on behalf of

The Medical and Environmental Toxicity Awareness Foundation

As much as the Victims of Toxicity need help, We need donations. This Foundation is the cornerstone of our projects. We are raising funds to get started and there's a long road ahead. R&D for safe, effective treatments for toxicity and funds to help the victims are only two of many goals before us.

David Walton

David is an IT Field Engineer, Entrepreneur, Inventor, Researcher and devoted husband of a Victim of Gadolinium Toxicity and other Environmental Toxins.

College Park, Nevada

Recent Donations

  • $100.00

    Scott Sorweid

    September 06,2019

    All Glory to God in Jesus's name, I pray this helps in some small way.

  • $25.00


    August 16,2019

    This is such a good cause that it is my pleasure..

  • $10.00

    David Walton

    August 16,2019

    Every little bit helps. If 500 people give $25, that's $12,500 closer to your objective.

  • $10.00

    Christie Arey

    August 15,2019

    The victims deserve the best chance we can possibly give. Awareness is essential. Happy to help!

  • $10.00

    Brandon Ervey

    August 15,2019

    For my mother Dawn. So glad we are finally getting the much needed help and support for all those suffering. Thank you so much!!