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Launch Book Tour For Freedom's Dance

$426 of $7,700

raised from 10 people

Launch Book Tour For Freedom's Dance

Karen Celestan, CEO on behalf of

Mosaic Literary LLC

Please help us spread the word about "Freedom's Dance," a new book about a distinctive and lively African-American culture. Funds are needed ASAP for our book tour's travel expenses. All donations are welcome. Let's Second Line in NOLA and beyond!

Karen Celestan

Karen Celestan, MFA is a writer and editor with several titles to her credit. She is an executive writer and editor in University Advancement and an adjunct professor of English at Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas. She CEO of Mosaic Literary LL

Mosaic Literary LLC A full service publishing company

New Orleans, Louisiana

Recent Donations

  • $75.00


    December 02,2017

  • $10.00


    November 18,2017

  • $25.00

    Tondrae Kemp

    November 13,2017

    Much success to you guys!! Looks amazing!!

  • $50.00

    Steve Morrison

    November 13,2017

    Very excited for you, Karen! Hope the book tour is a huge success. My best to Eric W!

  • $100.00

    Linetta Gilbert

    November 12,2017

    So excited to hear about the book tour! I saw Eric for a few minutes at the Fats Domino second line. All the best!!!

  • $23.00

    Floyd Williams

    November 08,2017

    Cousin Karen, I'm excited for you! I will try to add more before the deadline.

  • $100.00

    Gregory Celestan

    November 07,2017

  • $2.00

    Libby Hikind

    November 06,2017

  • $36.00

    Marian Moore

    November 06,2017

    How can I help but be proud of a hard working, insightful, and thoughtful friend who writes? We must support each other.

  • $5.00

    Karen Celestan

    November 01,2017