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Kids, Put The Device Down And Ride Bikes

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Kids, Put The Device Down And Ride Bikes

Rene Creed, on behalf of

Living Life on 2 Wheels, Inc

When we were kids we road bicycles, today kids are inside on devices over 7 hours a day. We can work together to get kids off the sofa and outside by providing new and exciting bicycle infrastructure in our parks. We need safe paths around our schools and parks for families on foot and by bike.

Rene Creed

National Ambassador for All Kids Bike and founder of Living Life on 2 Wheels. As a mother of 8 Ren understands the state of children in todays electronic dependent culture. She is committed to providing children the tools and the opportunity to experience how to fall, get back up & enjoy the ride.

Festus, Missouri

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  • $25.00

    Chris Creed

    7 months ago

    Kids are happier and more productive when active outdoors.