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Investing In Our Most Creative Teenagers

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Investing In Our Most Creative Teenagers

Shalom Rosenfeld, on behalf of


We are the only music and mentorship organization designed specifically to accommodate the most creativity inclined, high emotional IQ type individuals in our community. It is these individuals who so often end up in the very worst or very best situations in our society. YTI empowers them to succeed

Shalom Rosenfeld

Hey, its Shalom. Im a very proud member of this wonderful unique organization and they helped me so much in every way imaginable. Now, im helping them because they helped me gain confidence and overcome many challenges I was going through. These funds are needed to urgently expand both the boys and girls programs.

Lakewood, New Jersey

Recent Donations

  • $250.00


    August 27,2020

    What a wonderful way to develop the best of our youth.

  • $10.00

    Chananya Begun

    August 26,2020

    Proud of you Shalom !!