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Information Technology Hardware Database

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Information Technology Hardware Database

Jeffery Stein, on behalf of

IT History Society

Many people today feel that the first computers were an Apple desktop or iPhone type of computer. Computing has it beginnings in the early 1940s. Our mission is to complete databases such as all IT companies, all IT hardware, all IT software, all individuals that have had an impact on computing.

Jeffery Stein

Jeffery Stein has been in the information technology industry since 1960. He has successfully started several computer-related companies. Now and the board of the IT History Society are building many historical databases for STEM, educators, students, and research. Presently over 20,000 visitors a month visit these many databases that are incomplete.

Bel Tiburon, California

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  • $25.00

    Jeffery Stein

    January 27,2020

    To preserve the history of the information industry