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In It Together 50/50 Cash Raffle

$75 of $100,000

raised from 3 people

In It Together 50/50 Cash Raffle

John Homan, on behalf of

Teen Challenge New England Inc

In the time of the Covid -19, Pandemic people are suffering from all Manner of life-controlling issues, not to mention financial hardship. We created a 50/50 Cash Raffle to help people who can not afford treatment and one very blessed winner of the jackpot on April 1st, 2021

John Homan

John Michael Homan is the Public Relations Coordinator of Teen Challenge Vermont. Johns sole desire to spread the message of hope in various forms. Teen Challenge Vermont is holding this raffle to aid someone financially during this pandemic, secondly to continue the fight against addictions

East Johnson, Vermont

Recent Donations

  • $25.00

    Angela Kelly

    6 months ago

    Absolutely! into changing people's lives.

  • $25.00

    Debbie Hansen-Bosse

    6 months ago

    I run a non profit foundation and believe in giving back to my community, state and country! We also want to be included in the 50/50 Raffle & donating was a requirement to enter a chance to win the Raffle

  • $25.00

    Travis Morehouse

    6 months ago

    I want to help end addiction