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Immigrant Father In Need Of Help

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Immigrant Father In Need Of Help

bryanna salto-bellew, on behalf of

Our Family Of Four

We are a struggling and are at the half way point in this process. Anything would help any money left over that is not used for this process will be donated to the DACA program in local colleges in Stockton, CA.

bryanna salto-bellew

Im trying to raise money to help my husband complete the permanent resident process He works full time and is the only one working to support all of us including my mother who has cancer He is half way through the process and we need our communities help He works so that I can go to school full time and take care of our girls He deserves it he is always looking out for everyone and always helps when he can I just want to show him that we support him and love him

Stkn, California

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    bryanna salto-bellew

    November 15,2018

    hope you meet your goal and god bless