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I'm Heading To The Other Side...

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I'm Heading To The Other Side...

Kirk Wright, on behalf of

My Brother

I and trying to raise enough money to help in the cremation of my younger brother . He has had a troubled past and spent a large piece of his life incarcerated,he has paid his dues to society,he was working and trying to better himself, he found the woman of his dreams and married her. 2 years later

Kirk Wright

kirk is the one who gets to take care of all the lost and broken souls who cross his path. He gets to absorb and consume all their ills and troubles and short comings, he becomes their life raft and their scapegoat. hes their savior and their Devil. Now he has to prepare to bury one of those souls.his baby brothers. But this time he needs help. this time its too much,he cant do this alone so he is asking for the help of strangers, hes putting his hopes in your hands for those who might feel some kind of kin

Jersey City, New Jersey

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    Kirk Wright

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