I Need Your Help To Reach Out To America

I Need Your Help To Reach Out To America

Hi, I want to thank you for reading my campaign, I am not used to anything like this so I may not sound polished I am just a real person with real issues at are really serious, I left my mother's house in Chicago at age 17 and have taken care of myself since that day.I served as a USAF Law Enforcem... Read More

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I want to thank you for reading my campaign, I am not used to anything like this so I may not sound polished I am just a real person with real issues at are really serious, I left my mother's house in Chicago at age 17 and have taken care of myself since that day.

I served as a USAF Law Enforcement Specialist ( Korea & Phillippines) , then went on to become  a California Peace Officer in the San Bernardino CA Area, years later I went on to become Chief of a Prestigious  Private Security Company, 1991 to 2018,  in 2015 the Lord showed me something He wanted me to do, He showed me that I would be speaking to thousands of people , He said to "Open My Mouth", I had no idea how I was going to do this, but I trusted and in grocery stores, barber shops, even in the classes I taught to young security Officers, I "Opened My Mouth" One day I would meet a man, who was told to help a particular person and he says when he met me, He knew I was the one God told him to help (Verifiable If needed), the next week, I am on the Radio, no experience, no preparation, there I was started in 2014ish, I co-hosted a show that airs on Iheartradio, in 2015 I  "Opened My Mouth" and said  that Donald J TRUMP would become President and that soon more than 30% of African Americans would support him, You could have heard a pin drop when I said that, unfortunately, a lot of my clients who are california liberals heard that too as the show broadcast throughout southern california, well as we know he would go on to become President, fast forward and we have Blexit , Walkaway Movements and all that I spoke has come to pass, but now those clients, some were from the middle east others were strong leftist and in a flash my career in the HIgh Profile Security Industry was gone, some even refused to pay me, I going to sue them , but it does not stop the damage inflicted, my financial health is under attack to attempt to silence me, I had to branch out and create my own show or should I say the show I am shown to create. aka The SouthSide Unicorn Show. here I can speak to the young people in a way they understand, I like to think of myself as a hybrid person part Nerd and part Homeboy :) my upbringing in Chicago coupled with a belief system I was born with that made me stick out like a sore thumb, my mother loved me and accepted me as I was, A natural born Conservative living in the hood.

I attached just one video, it is not my video it's (Fleccas) but I am in it, I am the black guy in the Stars and Stripes hat, shirt and Tshirt, I have appeared with many luminaries that support Preserving  American Culture. when I gave myself over to doing this, I have been put in the presence of many, I am speaking to hundreds, but still I remain simple in my ways, I need immediate help to take care of residual issues from, wow I can't believe I am going to say it, From my former life, 1982 to 2018.

The money will go to save my licenses so I can open up a Class for inner-city children and anyone who wants to attend, I will not charge them for the training, I want to offer Free Security Training to young people so they can get a job, often times the fees prevent them from even securing such employment as this entry-level job for the neediest youth, I will secure better equipment needed to produce, maintain  and market the show,  simultaneously, I will do what I've always done, Teach them the Truth about this Country, our Constitution and how anyone can make it in this Country if you hold this country to its promise, I escaped the south side of Chicago and lived a pretty comfortable life just living my life as an American, not a black American just an American,, Then I went against the grain of the powers that be.

During my time as Security Chief I can't count the number of times I helped others, there was nothing they could do for me, there was nothing in it for me other than the spirit to help, some are still friends on my facebook, I'm sure they will be shocked to see that now the helper needs help 

As I said at the beginning I am not a professional at this, I am just a real man needing help ASAP. so not sure how this works, I need help changing lanes now if  we have too, I will treat this as a loan and give me eighteen months and I can start to pay it back, you are welcome to check in on me and my progress , With what I see, there should be a Brothers Of America office in every major city of America, where young people can come and get some social-political help and be taught this truth "Ask not what your country can do for you instead ask what can you do for your country" lets get our kids back, they've been used too long, send me out there so I can add my voice to the many others like my friend Joy Villa and others and make a difference.

sources to contact me:
Twitter: @Kenwhite4444
Phone: 909-806-8728

I will share videos of the classes, the shows can be tracked on air, I will go out and do what I promised to do, I need your help,  the Zuckerbergs of the world don't want the young people hearing me, you can cancel that assignment from the devil , Thank you so much.

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I Need Your Help To Reach Out To America

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I Need Your Help To Reach Out To America

Kenneth White, on behalf of

Kenneth White

Sometimes in life, the plans we had been interrupted by He who has greater plans, in following the path my feet are set on which is to help our young people understand the truth about the Legacy and Nation that were gifted with, I have come under attack my business ruined yet I will remain faithful.

Kenneth White

An American Patriot born on Chicagos Southside, USAF Military Police Vet Served Under President Ronald Reagan, California Former Peace Officer, His whole life he never lost faith in the goodness of America, this caused many to lose faith in him, now his feet are set on a path to speak the truth.

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