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Hurricane Michael Fund For Rebuilding

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Hurricane Michael Fund For Rebuilding

Kemberely Chaudhry, on behalf of

Habitat for Humanity of Bay County Florida

We are asking for any donations to help rebuild homes and the lives of the people that were left without anything after Hurrican Michael took everything away from them. Lives are still shattered and people are devastated at the lack of help that they are not receiving.

Kemberely Chaudhry

October 2018 Panama City Florida was hit hard by a category 5 hurricane named Michael. Funding has been delayed from congress and the area is still in a desperate situation. Many people are living in FEMA trailers, tents, and on the streets. Habitat for Humanity helps with repairs and building homes but funds are very limited. We need help, this is America we seem to have forgotten about the devastation this hurricane left behind. People in Panama City Florida all say the same thing we are the forgotten o

P C Beach, Florida

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