How it Works

Crowdfunding is a new invention for many people. But, for entrepreneurs or artists, it is a tried and true haven. Nonprofits, businesses, and artists alike can raise funds for a new project by having many people chip in. It’s like taking donations for a cause. And YouHelp offers 100 categories to choose from!

If you’ve just submitted a grant, consider synergizing your efforts by opening up a crowdfunding project. Or say you are waiting on funds from a grant or the grant fell through, turn to crowdfunding. At YouHelp, we engage in donation crowdfunding. This means that there will not be a monetary return but a contributor may be satisfied with gifts such as free tickets to a play they helped fund, free gifts or more. Because it is new, crowdfunding is not without its glitches. There is only partial industry regulation so, investors may not have a guarantee that the project they contribute to will succeed. But, if a business is turned down by a bank, a crowdfunding project could reach out to small investors. The investors then would have the satisfaction of helping a new business start or helping a noble initiative like the 100 listed at YouHelp. 

Warning: If you do not work on the 30 Day Plan you will not raise money. Campaigns that do not raise funds for any 15 day period are removed from the home page, all project pages, category pages and the slider. They will still be visible by clicking your campaign URL. When they raise any amount of money they will return to the public pages. After 90 days of no funds, the campaign will be terminated. | YouHelp | GWT | Grantwatch | GWI | MWBE