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In this video Libby Hikind, founder and CEO of, explains, “YouHelp is a crowdfunding website where you are never alone. You’ll get to crowdfund with a coach two times per week.”

The Benefits of Crowdfunding with a Coach on


How Can a Coach Help?

With a coach, you’ll be able to plan your strategy, learn to use email marketing, social media, YouTube, press releases, write an article for our GrantNews website, and also text your campaign to family and friends to raise money for your very worthy cause. We post your campaign on all our social media, and we expect you to do the same for us.

Now, how does this all work? Well, it’s very simple. It’s either $4, $3, $2, or $1 a day – that’s it, to be on our website and to use our coaches twice a week! They will help you plan your strategy and you will learn to crowdfund and raise money for your cause.

And how do we do that? Well first, we are going to work with you through your friends and family, your community, other people with the same interests, in contributing to what you and your cause are all about. Nationally we will bring you back to your community, your friends and family, to your colleagues, to your co-workers, and that’s how the campaign contributions will come through. And we’ll help you devise a plan to do just that.

Donations Go Straight to Your Account

And do you know what the greatest thing about YouHelp is? We never touch your money. We don’t hold onto it – it goes straight from your contribution, from your donors, contributors, through the payment processor, to your bank account, nonprofit, or business bank account. And we don’t take a percentage. The payment processor, of course, does. And the rates we’ve negotiated are 2.2% per transaction for nonprofit organizations, and 30 cents per transaction. And 2.9 percent for businesses and 30 cents per transaction. The money will arrive straight into your bank account. If you don’t raise everything for your goal, you still get all of the funds. There are no shenanigans with us, there are no extra fees, that’s the way it is.

Now we’ve set this up so it’s a kind of do-it-yourself with a coach program. However, there are times when an organization realizes they don’t have enough staff, and they want to hire a few people to do certain things – you might want to hire a marketer, a writer, or whatever. We've been given a lot of resumes that have been submitted to us and references, so we’ll be glad to share that with you, and you can do that on your own, privately. We don’t want any referral fee, we’re not looking to make anything on your cause. What we do have is when a donation is made there’s an opportunity for a contributor to make a tip that will go straight to YouHelp. Tips are used to support the YouHelp website. It’s optional. No one has to give it to us, no one is required to.


Start Fundraising

How Can This Help You?

We are an aboveboard, straight website, no extra fees. We’re going to hold your hand throughout the process. If your time allows for two coaching sessions per week, 30 minutes, or one one-hour coaching session per week, we have it for you and you can switch around from one coach to another – you’re not stuck with a coach that you choose. You can get to use a coach that you like and that you want, and that has the best background in what you are trying to fundraise for.

So I really look forward to working with you, I’m very grateful that you signed up on YouHelp. I hope that you continue to complete your campaign, schedule your coaching sessions, and you get to work and you do the great good work that your organization is ready to embark on.

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