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Housing For Our Participants

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Housing For Our Participants

Paula Rodgers, on behalf of

Off Death row

We use evidence-based interventions and advocate for clients charged with major crimes and offer expert testimony in a court of the journey each client's treatment.

Paula Rodgers

Off Death Row seeks to help individuals who suffer from Anti-Social Behavior and Substance abuse. Off Death Row has a goal to create a stable housing environment and utilize evidence-based cognitive interventions with clients on a daily basis. Off Death Row is waging a new war on drugs with hope snd education, Fighting crime one criminal at a time.

Charleston, South Carolina

Recent Donations

  • $18.00

    Shannon mejia

    August 22,2020

  • $20.00

    David Epps

    August 22,2020

  • $15.00

    Barbara Meyer

    August 21,2020

    I support anyone who wants to make this journey!

  • $10.00

    Brandy Teer

    August 21,2020

    I love you and you are amazing

  • $25.00

    Carrie smith

    August 20,2020

    Everyone deserves this beautiful journey and to get another chance at life. Keep up the amazing work ❤

  • $25.00

    Jerry Weaver

    August 20,2020

    During addiction the whole family suffers, so during recovery the whole family benefits, they get their son or daughter back, kids get their mother/father back, and that is amazing.

  • $25.00


    August 18,2020

    Amazing work