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Hope, Healing, And Strength To OverComer

Edie Nicholson, on behalf of

The OverComer's Network Incoporated

The OverComers Network, Inc. is a nonprofit women's support group that specializes in mentorship/ empowering women. We seek donations to help with our multigenerational mentorship program.

Edie Nicholson

Edie Nicholson is the Founder and CEO of The OverComers Network Incorporated. She has a Bachelor of Science degree with Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Work, Psychology and Education from Mississippi State University. Her Masters of Science Degree is from the University of West Alabama. Edie was inspired by a need of her own to create a safe place and a multigenerational approach to mentorship for girls and women. She established this organization nine years ago but its been a non-profit organization for just a little under a year.

Laurel, Mississippi

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