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HOME Is Where My Heart Is!

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HOME Is Where My Heart Is!

Avis Clemons, on behalf of

Avis Clemons Clemons Essential Mental Health Care Services

I am asking for donations to purchase houses/building that will house those that are homeless or need temporary housing, to help decrease the homeless population in GA. The building would provide a safe haven AND HOME ENVIRONMENT to eat, learn, and form relationships.

Avis Clemons

She is the founder of Clemons Essential Mental Health Care Services CEMHC. She has been working in the field of social services, mental health, substance abuse & with the elderly for the past 25 plus years. Her passion for those less fortunate has always been her dream & desire to make a difference in at least one persons life. Shes confident if asked there are many who can attest that she has made a difference in their lives on an ongoing basis. She established CEMHC in September of 2012.

Memorial Square, Georgia

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    Robert Conell

    8 months ago

    cause you my Bestie

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    Executive Private Home Care

    8 months ago

    Good luck Avis in your endeavor.