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Hmong Living Farm

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Hmong Living Farm

CHAO THAO, on behalf of

Hmong Living Farm

I want to have a place to call home for all who miss life in Laos and China. All donations will proceed to help develop structures and buildings of the outdoor museum.


Chao Thao is the author and publisher of the book called, Hmong herbs. Chaos accomplishments of receiving the highest position, NMD of the company, Juice Plus. SMD position for the company of, First Financial. Chao Thao is also a health coach certified by Dr.Sears. Chaos mission is to educate and share the Hmong culture and history and to mark a legacy.


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    Thai Thao

    December 01,2022

    Good luck

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    Bao Lee

    September 15,2022

    I like to help so she can achieve her dream

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    Zong Y Yang

    August 04,2022

    I help Hmong Living Farm

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    Mai Qer Yang

    July 31,2022

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    Ngia Mua

    May 14,2022

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    Chao Thao

    March 13,2022

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    Der V VUE

    March 09,2022

    Chao, zoo siab rau koj os.

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    Pakou Yang

    March 01,2022

    From Niam Hlob Tong Yang

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    Chong Yang

    February 10,2022

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    Chao Vue

    January 29,2022

    Helping your organization to succeed

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    Sally Phu

    January 29,2022

    Love you Chao. Keep in creating!

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    alexander cherching

    January 26,2022

    I like to help so she achieve her dream

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    Chao THAO3

    December 27,2021

    proud to be Hmong help Hmong donor