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Heroes And Hooves

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Heroes And Hooves

Vance Conatser, on behalf of

Freedom Reigns Ranch

We are in need of donations for care, adoption, and feed for horses that are involved in our non profit equine therapy program. These animals are loving and contribute so much for the therapy for veterans, law enforcement and first responders. We like to call them four-legged therapist!!!

Vance Conatser

Vance Conatser is a Army Combat Veteran diagnosed with PTSD He became a certified equine therapy riding instructor to help his fellow veteran brothers and sisters who are still suffering from ptsd or other issues as he has. He has a big heart and cares for each one, not wanting anyone left behind.


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    Vance Conatser

    October 04,2019

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    Melisha Stiles

    September 10,2019