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Helping Vets Through Healing Art

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Helping Vets Through Healing Art

Carolyn Jordan, on behalf of

Veteran Wellness Center

Many of our Vets have TBI, and associated brain injuries. Our goal at the Veteran Wellness Center (VWC) is to create a program through art that increases cognitive skills and self-worth. "Nothing builds self-esteem and self-confidence like accomplishment" - Thomas Carlyle

Carolyn Jordan

As a former Veteran in 2002, she joined the New Jersey Naval Militia Joint Command NJNMJC, serving for 2 years. Carolyn worked with the USO organization as Lead Volunteer during Iraqi Freedom 2004-2006 at the Fort DixMcGuire AFB facility organizing the canteen, providing meals, and support during her time there. Continuing the journey, she assisted with the USO in Great Lakes, IL. 2012-2013. Having the opportunity to work with the Veteran Wellness Center of Hampton Roads, VA since 2018 has continued he

VAB, Virginia

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