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Helping Our Heroes - Combat Comeback

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Helping Our Heroes - Combat Comeback

Kimberly Winner, on behalf of

Holt Street Miracle Center

The Holt Street Miracle Center is a Non-profit Residential Drug and Alcohol recovery center. Our mission is to provide transitional and long-term housing to our homeless veterans and to work with various agencies that will provide social services, medical and mental health services.

Kimberly Winner

Kim Winner serves as Community Outreach Liaison and Grant Writer for Holt Street Miracle Center. Having obtained her BA in Social Work from Bluffton University and overcoming her own struggles with alcohol addiction, today Kim is passionate about raising awareness and community support for Holt Street Miracle Center.

Dayton, Ohio

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  • $50.00


    10 hours ago

    This place is amazing. Gives me hope to strive for a better. ????

  • $100.00

    James Prenger

    4 days ago


  • $100.00

    Ann Warnes

    10 days ago

    I love the fact that you are helping veterans that fought so we could have our freedom.

  • $200.00

    Dan & Christy Carroll

    18 days ago

    Happy to donate to a great cause!

  • $5,000.00

    Mary Ernst

    19 days ago

    Both father and father in law were vets