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Helping Homeless Veterans W/wo Ptsd

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Helping Homeless Veterans W/wo Ptsd

Michael Jones, on behalf of

Homeless Veterans And Their Families In Need Of Assistance With Food, Transportation, Shelter, Clothing At Least 2 Nights Of Shelter To Refresh $70 Per Night $20 Food Voucher $10 Toiletries Trying To Help 5 Individuals To Start.

This project is worthy of donations for the simple fact of it's getting done without the donations. The ability to help more veterans is the underlined goal.

Michael Jones

Michael Jones is service connected veteran taking a hands-on role in the help of veterans Michael has first hand experience in being homeless His passion stems from our military Moto of no leaving no one behind Although his heart is in the right place he understands more help is needed to help expand The ultimate goal is to establish veterans homeless shelter ran by veterans Currently he gives back as a barber and host free veterans haircuts food clothes and ministry once a month for homeless Veterans

ATL, Georgia

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