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Helping Families Heal In A Time Of Loss

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Helping Families Heal In A Time Of Loss

Traci Lee-Brown, on behalf of


COVID-19 has hit Metro Detroit hard, with Michigan having the 3rd largest number of deaths in the US. Many adults have lost their lives, but child fatalities are a societal reality. Xander wants to be poised to assist families in honoring children at a time of tragedy and limited resources.

Traci Lee-Brown

Xander was born as an idea by Founder and Executive Director, Traci Lee-Brown, M.A. in 2017. As a 29-year social worker in child welfare, she witnessed child deaths firsthand and the effects that the deaths had on the parents, siblings and extended family members. She often had contact with parents who were understandably devastated and often fell into depression after the death of a child. A great deal of these parents over the years were not only traumatized by the death, but then endured shame, as the

Detroit, Michigan

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