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JnJ Academy of the Performing Arts Inc

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Help Us Open Our Performing Arts School

JacQuanda Jackson, on behalf of

JnJ Academy of the Performing Arts Inc

I am asking for a donation because we are in the process of opening up our k-12 Performing Arts School this coming August and we are in need of everything from books, to classroom, chairs and desks.

JacQuanda Jackson

Mrs. Jackson has demonstrated for 19 years that she is capable of inspiring others to Go for it. Her favorite quote is It seems impossible until its done. She is taking her action plan to the next level with opening up a Performing Arts K-12 school in the City of Miami Gardens where in many areas seem to be no life As she plans on providing life to the Community through a source that is needed Her goal is to train and create stars in the hood where many look down upon, she smiles.

Miami, Florida

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