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Help Those In Need Of A Home & Soberity

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Help Those In Need Of A Home & Soberity

Cynthia Destine-Pierre, on behalf of

NU Transitions Foundation Inc

I am asking for help that will not only help those in need of a home but, help to feed, nurture, and help those that have suffered domestic violence, mental illness and addiction. Show them that they live in a world where not only people are here to help but, that people care about their well-being.

Cynthia Destine-Pierre

Cynthia Destine-Pierre is a person that is passionate about helping people. Starting in hospitality and assisting in the medical field, is when she noticed, she was born to help people. She is a great speaker and a person that stands for doing the right thing, and that is to give back to a community that needs it most.

Cleveland, Ohio

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    August 04,2020