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Help Stop Diabetes And Heart Disease

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Help Stop Diabetes And Heart Disease

Dana Wade, MD, on behalf of

Monitor My Health, Inc.

Your contribution will help bridge the gap of better health and education for our underserved population and will support underprivileged children dreaming of a career in healthcare, Your donation will help us reduce health disparity!

Dana Wade, MD

Dr. Dana Wade, MD, is founder and CEO of Monitor My Health, Inc. Her calling is to prevent diabetes and heart disease through education and screening, particularly, in young adults and those in the low socioeconomic groups.

Bridgeport, Connecticut

Recent Donations

  • $100.00

    Rahsan Celik

    August 05,2017

    I wish you all the best for your honorable and valuable work! I'm sure that you will have a positive impact on many lives! May God bless you! Cheers, Rahsan

  • $50.00

    Eleonore Herschberger

    August 02,2017

    I support Bridging the Gap Education because I believe their preventive work through screening and education are the best cure for diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Their focus on the low socioeconomic status group and children is particularly interesting.