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Help Restore The Community

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Help Restore The Community

Rose Dormevil, on behalf of


New life Restoration strengthen communities and those who need help individually. We collaborate with other partners to aid in resources to empower the community. We want to work with any individual or group who shares the vision to help and improve the community of all people.

Rose Dormevil

Rose Dormevil is the senior pastor of New Life Restoration Church based in Winter Haven, FL. Roses commitment to help her community is felt here in Polk County, as well as those who live in Haiti. She reaches out to those who are in need with other ministries with compassion and grace. Rose is fulfilling her mission to help transform, restore and win souls for Christ.

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Cypress Gardens, Florida

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    Henri Dormevil

    October 30,2020

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    October 30,2020

    Blessings for your community

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    Jenny St Jean

    September 17,2020

    God is good