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Help Restore Historic Thomas Train Prop!

$350 of $30,000

raised from 5 people

Help Restore Historic Thomas Train Prop!

Eric Scherer, on behalf of

Restore The Magic

Restore The Magic is currently seeking $30,000 to assist in the restoration of a large scale train prop (Lady) used in the 2000 feature film "Thomas and the Magic Railroad." This prop will be placed in a NEW interactive museum experience featuring over 100 years of railway representation in media.

Eric Scherer

Eric Scherer is the CEO of Restore The Magic His passion for trains began as a toddler when he became fascinated with Thomas the Tank Engine Eric and his team utilized this passion to make Restore The Magic a nonprofit organization to celebrate railways in media

Bay Lake, Florida

Recent Donations

  • $100.00


    March 03,2019

  • $200.00


    January 17,2019

    Let her live on!

  • $20.00

    Lucas Davis

    December 01,2018

    You're my roommate

  • $25.00

    Aidan Rea

    November 30,2018

    I want to see Lady restored to her former glory.

  • $5.00

    Jay Knight

    November 30,2018

    Lady has been a part of my life for years. I want her to be restored so bad. I eventually hope she'll be in the T&F series soon. So I wanted to do my part to make the magic come true. Like Lady said ," Helping each other brings to life the magic in all of us."