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Help Promote African Theater In The US

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Help Promote African Theater In The US

Lydia Fawole, on behalf of

Lydore Afrikaan Kulture Inc

Our Target is $30,000 for our upcoming project. The main purpose of our organization is to create the modern African culture that allows every African decent and lover of African Culture to have a performing art center dedicated to displaying African heritage through musical theater productions.

Lydia Fawole

Lydia Fawole is the founder and president of Lydore Afrikaan Kulture which is a US non-profit organization. She was born in Nigeria on October 9, 1993 before immigrating to the US in the year 2015. She has a strong passion for helping Africans in diaspora and lovers of African culture learn more about African history through Musical theater performances ,African cultural workshops, exhibition and more.

Cooper, New York

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    I strongly believe this project would be a blessing to people because the vision and mission here is very powerful.. that's why I'm very glad to support this company.