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Help PHDA, Inc. Increase Homeownership

$350 of $5,000

raised from 4 people

Help PHDA, Inc. Increase Homeownership

Gregory Whitted, on behalf of

Pittsburgh Housing Development, Inc.

SUPPORT THE MISSION! As a nonprofit organization, PHDA relies on the generosity of our friends to help support and expand our programs and services for low and moderate income homebuyers. Make a donation today!

Gregory Whitted

Gregory Whitted, Co-Founder & CEO of PHDA,INC. 1982-Present. Greg is an affordable housing advocate for community sustainability. He was educated at Carnegie Mellon University is a board member of The Blessing Foundation, Pittsburgh Reinvestment Group, Metro Community Health Care Center and Wilkinsburg Community Development Corporation

Braddock Hills, Pennsylvania

Recent Donations

  • $100.00

    Raymond L Hancock

    November 24,2020

    I Support the PHDA, INC. Mission of developing Affordable housing in Pittsburgh, PA

  • $25.00

    Lois White

    November 19,2020

    Help low income families move to home ownership

  • $125.00


    November 17,2020

    A great cause

  • $100.00

    Marcy Morse

    October 20,2020

    I truly believe in PHDA’s mission to increase homeownership among low and middle income residents.