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Help People Reduce The Effect Of Bipolar

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Help People Reduce The Effect Of Bipolar

Shamanika Howard, Founder / President / Director on behalf of

Alovecam Broadcast LLC

The Alovecam Broadcast is asking for people to donate whatever amount of money they can to add to the process of reducing the effect of Bipolar Disorder. The donations will be used to continue providing resources for the broadcast

Shamanika Howard

Shamanika Howard is the founder of Alovecam Broadcast LLC for Bipolar Disorder She was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder after giving birth to her second child She is a divorced mother with 2 children She has a Bachelors degree in Nursing and has worked in the Nursing field for more than 15 years

Indianapolis, Indiana

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    Shamanika Howard

    June 15,2018

    I love your Broadcast.