Help Open The Doors To The World Of Art

Help Open The Doors To The World Of Art

We live in a very remote area, that is isolated, and accessible by boat, ferry or sea plane, in the northern pacific north west coast, the industries that were once thriving, forestry and fishing are no longer a way of life, the unemployment rate is the highest in the region.  In our Ts'msyen comm... Read More

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We live in a very remote area, that is isolated, and accessible by boat, ferry or sea plane, in the northern pacific north west coast, the industries that were once thriving, forestry and fishing are no longer a way of life, the unemployment rate is the highest in the region.  
In our Ts'msyen community of Lax Kw'alaams, we are governed by a colonial system which is the Local Band administration,  jobs are limited and at times very difficult to secure. 

We are an indigenous group, who will promote our art culture heritage and healing, as we all have been affected by Colonialism and Cultural Genocide, residential schools, the 60's scoop, Indian day schools, and have a lot of individuals still hurting and traumatized by the events, as this has been something that has affected many generations, myself and our group included. 

Through our society, we advocate, teach and learn, support and promote individuals who participate in Art, through art practices, we learn our process and protocols, we are relearning who we are, and taking it back. 

We as a society, will provide programs that are beyond art, we will have programs that support those who need help financially, spiritually, and those with addictions.  Over the last 4 years, we have been seeking grants to keep us as a group and collective together and providing services to those who need it, with what we had. 

As a collective, I took the initiative to incorporate our organization, and become a Non Profit Organization, so that we can seek funds to broaden our client base, and assist in a more helpful manner, on a full time schedule.  However, securing funds to start up, and have the support staff on payroll will require a substantial amount of money, and that brings me to reaching out to social media, and platforms such as this, as we desperately need the financial assistance to help give us a boost for our first fiscal year, as we are working diligently on grants, however, they take time, and we want to be able to provide and meet the needs of our people.  We are asking for financial help for overhead, which includes rent office equipment,  and a vehicle for our outreach.

I feel confident about receiving support in the near future, however, we are in immediate need for the above mentioned.  Please help us, all help will be advertised and promoted on our website, and not forgotten. 

Thank you,

GisiGwilGwelks Art Culture and Healing Collective, Society

Toyax st nuun

Posted By Lonnie Mather

January 25, 2021

After a stall and standstill in plans, we have not wavered, and are stll pressing on with our goals.  Our group has secured grants for individuals, however, we are still in need of assitance for start up.  
I will keep this YouHelp open for the time being, as i've stated before we are still new to all of this crowd funding and such platforms.  We carry on, and keep moving forward.  
There will be more to report in the near future as our individuals start their projects, that will be shared to our web page.
Please, share this link with friends, family, social media.  We are grateful for the help that we have received, it helped more than you can imagine, Toyax St Nuun.


Posted By Lonnie Mather

November 30, 2020

As of todays date, I have secured two meetings, One with an Indigenous Curator from the Museum of Vancouver, Sharon Fortney, Phd.  We will discuss some topics on art, and artifacts the museum, their policies, and discuss repatriation, funding sources, and how we can work together for such an initiative.
The Second meeting will take place tomorrow, with a former Health Director, who is brilliant, and shares the same vision as we do at GisiGwilGwelk ACH Society.  It is an impromptu meeting to meet and greet and discuss potential partnerships and networking.
I know that this seems like a small move forward, however, huge for us, as we've been going steady at building our society up since inception.
I do hope that YouHelp will approve my blogs, as I need for our supporters to see what we have been doing.  We will update our wepage and I will also include this message on our blog so you can follow there, should you not be able to see what is updated here.

Toyax St Nuun to all who supports us, we greatly appreciate it.


Wai Wah 

Posted By Lonnie Mather

November 16, 2020

Since launching our program we've had contributions from a few wonderful people, and we are ever so grateful, you have no idea how helpful this is, and all help that is provided and donated is truly appreciated.  Especially with the pandemic, and this second wave, we are working around this, and will carry on with our plans.
What we have done so far, is, assisted artists with applying for grants, and Mark and I have personally committed many hours writing and perfecting grant applications, a lot of time is conducting research, and taking the time to talk to who we need to talk to.  I am all about protocols, process, and followng our traditions, our ayaawx and adaawx.  
We are working diligently with seeking financial support anywhere we can to help with the start up of our organization, we have spent out of pocket however, it is quite expensive and we do have children and personal expenses, life's norms and day to day.  IF any of you know of any Businesses, Philanthropists, Givers lenders who would kindly contribute to our goals, and help us meet or beat our set goal, we would truly appreciate it.
We will be applying for a gaming license, to conduct fundraisers to help with the day to day, week to week costs.  We will be applying for land aquisition within our territory.  
This is quite significant, and we can use all of the support that we can gather.  We are completely open to all suggestions, words of wisdom, and help of any kind.  Please reach us at

Toyax St Nuun

GisiGwilGwelk Art Culture and Healing Society

Posted By Lonnie Mather

November 10, 2020

We have officially launched.. one donation so far, all contributions help, and we appreciate it. Please share share share.. thank you so much xo :) 

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Help Open The Doors To The World Of Art

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Help Open The Doors To The World Of Art

Lonnie Mather, on behalf of

GisiGwilGwelk Art Culture and Healing Society

We live in a remote area, where the Unemployment rate is high. As a working group for the last 4 years, we have become incorporated this year, & through personal investment, we have been able to carry over costs however, we are in need of funds for start up, office equipment, & a vehicle

Lonnie Mather

Lonnies vision was to create an organization for indigenous people within her nation, rallied and sought like minded people to join and participate in this endeavor, and help promote this non profit organization, to seek and find platforms to help with seeking finances to help with start up costs.


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    Dana Hughes

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    Only working 2 shifts per week these days, but I hope to contribute more at a later date. Thanks for pursuing this :)

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    Lori Bryant

    6 months ago

    Behalf of my Papa & our home community ???? wish it was more will donate again

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    Gerri Alexcee

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    To help anyway we can to see an opportunity put out for our people to work.

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    Markus Mather-Chard

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    to help kick start your platform