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Help Me, Help Those In Need

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Help Me, Help Those In Need

Rodney Sutton, RODNEY on behalf of


I was a juvenile delinquent, convicted felon and left for dead, but God had other plans. I became an advocate for the downtrodden. I would like to take my education and experience and help nonprofit and religious organizations fulfill their missions. I can only do so with seed money for my business.

Rodney Sutton

Rodney L. Sutton, Sr., was born and raised in poverty in Akron, Ohio, by a single mother with four siblings. He was expected to be dead or in prison by age 21. Rodney overcame the odds and was the first in his family to receive a college degree. He has since used his time and talents to help others.

Shamrock, Texas

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    February 19,2018

    I have been where you are.