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Help Me Find My Smile Again

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Help Me Find My Smile Again

Char Roberson, on behalf of

Char Roberson

$5000. I live a quiet, anonymous life. Shame comes with PTSD. I have to drop my guard and speak on camera. I'm confident in my communication skills, written and verbal. I'm not confident in my smile. This makeover will be life-changing because if I can nail this TV ad, it could lead to more work.

Char Roberson

Char is a disabled USAF vet with PTSD. She escaped domestic violence and raised 3 kids alone on disability. She was a radio DJ and does voiceover work. Shes been offered a TV ad but is scared to be on camera, ashamed of her teeth. She needs a dental makeover, but has no dental coverage or funds.

Pensacola, Florida

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