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Kindly support favorably my campaign, I'm truly in a critical situation. I'm raising $8,647.86 of $21,147.86 that will allow me to participate in the Watson Institute 2019 Fall Semester Incubator where Handicap Vaincu is selected for.
I've got $12,500 of scholarship. But apart from that, there is a need for additional funds to cover 1) the rest of my tuition: $8,647.86 and 2) my flight roundtrip to the program: $2,500. Tuition due on August 1st, 2019. Otherwise, by Aug. 1st, the Watson Institute committee will see the possibility to give my spot to another prospective candidate. I have no more idea what to do to get such amount of money. I reach out to this community with the hope to help make the Watson Institute Fall 2019 The incubator program a reality.

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Help Make This Happen

Mauricette Kobozo Yadibert, on behalf of

Handicap Vaincu

I'm looking for $12000 financial support that will allow me to participate in 2019 Fall Incubator program in Colorado where Handicap Vaincu is selected for.

Mauricette Kobozo Yadibert

Mauricette K.Y. is an individual with exceptional leadership qualities. Her business is a social for profit venture targeted at people living with disability. Through business and entrepreneurship, she intends to address issues of sustainable development by supporting the physically challenged.